You are spoiled for choice


Focaccia is our workhorse as the queen of Genoese street food. We bake it continuously from 7 am to 8 pm. Besides the classic Genoese focaccia, which can never be missed, there is something for everyone!


Ligurian bakery gastronomy is rich in traditions,recipes and flavors to be discovered. Farinata and Genovese meatloaf are just two of the many goodies we produce.


For those with a sweet tooth, we offer a wide selection of baked pastries, totally artisanal!

All our creations come out of the oven

Our flatbread

A few,simple but good ingredients and, a few secrets in the preparation technique, is what makes the difference for a great focaccia! In addition to classic Genoese focaccia among our counters you will find a wide selection of flatbreads, from the most typical to the most imaginative. Focaccia with onions, with olives, with Genovese pesto, with cheese, stuffed focaccia, and pizza with anchovies are just a few examples of the very wide range of focaccia products we produce.

Our gastronomy

We bake traditional Ligurian products, made following original recipes, while also giving room for creativity and innovation. Among the great traditional classics you will find farinata, Genoese meatloaf, rice cake, onion cake, torta Pasqualina, Ligurian baciocca, and more.

Our desserts

Our desserts are all homemade! We specialize in bakery pastries. Genoese Pandolce is our flagship product, which we bake year-round. In addition to the classic one, we offer it in some variations including fig and walnut pandolce or pistachio and dark chocolate. Castagnaccio, sacripantine, baci di alassio, canestrelli are just some of the other Ligurian desserts we prepare.