Makers in the blood

In 2009, Focaccia e Dintorni , a family-run business, was born, and over the years it has become a regular stop for anyone who comes to visit Genoa, but Genoese people also visit us daily. Since we took over this neighborhood bakery, which has been open since the 1980s, our mission has been to offer the Genoese, and let tourists discover, the important tradition of Ligurian street food, churning out tasty, quality products 365 days a year-a certainty in the truest sense of the word!

Days of activity
Kg of flour
Baked pans

Love for Genoa

The love for our city, its culture, its scents and its intricate caruggi is an indispensable component in our work, which we transfer within our products. We offer the original traditional Ligurian recipes, just as they were once made , taking also the freedom to innovate with creativity, imagination and passion. We feel we are custodians of valuable knowledge, and we want to help preserve and enhance it.